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Qubeship Microservices

Be unique

Speed up your Microservice deployment rate and let us worry about the services such as performance, monitoring and security. Focus on what makes you unique and let us worry about the small stuff.

Complexity and hype surrounding Microservices development and delivery is preventing the teams from realizing its obvious value.

Myriad tools the developers are required to learn mean they face difficult and often risky decisions about their Microservices, resulting in delays – or worse, inertia.

Qubeship enables proven services (including Performance Testing, Monitoring, Security etc.) for Microservices development that you can use, with no need to learn each tool. No researching best practice to use a performance, monitoring or security tool. No building from scratch.

Copy your Swagger URL, select which services you want to enable and click submit. It’s that easy.

Finally, a fast track to Microservices deployment!

Just look below to see how simple it can be!

How do you use Qubeship?

Let's say you've built an API.

Step 1: Fill out a form like this:

Performance test?
Red/Black deployment?



Step 2: Copy-paste these automatically-generated commands to enable your chosen services:

qube ptest create -api <your-api-spec-json-url> -st <your-blazemeter-service-token> -vu <#-of-concurrent-users>
qube ptest run -id <output of previous command>
qube apm configure-agent -dockerfile <your-dockerfile-with-tomcat> -st <your-APM-service-token>

It’s that simple.