Qubeship’s proven toolchains speed time to production for Docker teams.

Out-of-the-box DevOps.

(It’s free!)

(It’s free!)

*GitHub Enterprise and Bitbucket/Bitbucket Enterprise coming soon!
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Problem we solve

Complexity and hype surrounding Docker is preventing DevOps teams from realizing its obvious value.

Myriad tools mean developers face difficult and often risky decisions about their toolchains, resulting in delays – or worse, inertia.


How we solve it

Qubeship supplies proven toolchains that you can instantly implement. No researching best practice CI/CD processes. No building from scratch.

Copy your Git URL, select a pre-built workflow and ship your app. It’s that easy.

Finally, a fast track to Docker deployment!

Why Qubeship?

Free up developers to innovate
  • Out-of-the-box toolchains eliminate the burden of complicated decision-making.
  • Automating DevOps end-to-end keeps developers focused on achieving business outcomes.
  • Best-in-class approach includes expertise from CA Technologies and its ecosystem.
Keep up-to-date with the latest DevOps tools
  • Swappable workflows enable teams to tap into the newest technologies.
  •  Swappability prevents vendor lock-in.
  • Capture community feedback on your ideas and approaches.
Reduce business risk with compliant workflows
  • Repeatable processes, rather than one-offs, stand up to audit rigor.
  • Workflows from industry leaders mitigate risk.
  • Expanding portfolio of public workflows provides safety through association.