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Lack of enterprise-grade CI/CD tools a top concern for Docker teams.

Just 2 years ago, DockerCon attracted 500 odd developers. Last week, we had over 5,000! That presented a great opportunity for us at to learn from our friends in this growing community.

We talked to over 200 participants across financial, healthcare, telco and government institutions about some of the challenges they’re facing as well as their future plans for leveraging Docker and containers.

Here is a brief overview of the data we collected:

What is the Expertise Level of Your Team on Docker?

Almost everybody we met was getting comfortable with Docker – but hardly 10% would describe themselves as “experts”. Even more rare were Docker Captains. This is understandable as Docker itself is still new and enterprises have just started to build out their applications and teams to support Dockerized workloads.

What Is Your Top Concern Regarding Docker?

With so many CI/CD solutions out there, we were surprised that “Delivery” topped the list of Docker concerns. The issue isn’t that there are not enough CI/CD tools – but rather a lack of “enterprise grade” tools that manage the delivery process and provide KPIs for both the containers and the applications they’re running.

If You Already Have Jenkins, What Interests You about

Statistics graph

We talked with many folks who use Jenkins. While Jenkins does a great job of providing the framework for CI/CD pipelines, it still requires you to build and configure everything yourself, without any guidance on best practices. We found that many people were interested in because it enables you to reuse known industry best practice workflows, providing out-of-the-box expertise. In fact, we gave DockerCon attendees a hands-on demo, allowing them to try out these “swappable workflows” for themselves, right in our booth.

We thank all of you who stopped by and provided us with valuable insights into your Docker initiatives and challenges!

If you couldn’t make it to DockerCon, you can still test for yourself, for free. We promise to make you a Docker Delivery expert in less time than it takes to order a Starbucks single shot, almond milk, no foam latte.

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