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Our Story

Once upon a time, two employees at CA Technologies in Santa Clara, California, had an idea about a way to save developers and DevOps a huge amount of time by creating an easy-to-maintain shell around the normally tiring job of putting together Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) systems. Add to that a container-deployment platform, still a young and relatively unknown technology. One company told them that creating their idea from scratch would cost them twelve million dollars and would take eighteen months to build. This innovative pair knew they could create something modular, re-usable, lightweight, and solid. They submitted their idea, which they named ‘Qubeship’, to CA Technologies’ Accelerator program, a fast, flexible startup-like environment that cultivates promising new ideas. It was promptly approved, and the new project took off.

Ten months later, is now a large group of talented, supercharged employees and its code is going open source. The project continues to spring forward, with more opinions, a more flexible toolchains and its much-awaited UI on the way.

the Qubeship workplace

our team at work

in the heart of the Silicon Valley

News and Events

Qubeship Shines at DockerCon

Ankur Agarwal of Qubeship presents “Winter is Coming for Microservice Complexity” at Dockercon ’17

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